Monday, July 12, 2010

Edmonton Fun

Well, we have just gotten home from another fun visit to Edmonton. Its always nice to get away! The Boys love to destroy Mama and Papas house and I love having help with my two handfuls!
Thanks for all the fun Mama and Papa!

Owen will walk with anything that he can move, toys, chairs, boxes, you name it. He just needs more confidence to let go!

Jaxon painting a picture to send to Auntie Rachel. He won it at Chuck E Cheese

Owen LOVES being outside. He will scream until you take him out and then again when you bring him in. Good Thing Mama and Papa have a big backyard.

Best thing ever... Little water guns from Walmart. We got an 8 pack for $8 and Jaxon loved it. We had water fights everyday! It was a blast!
Now that we are home its time for me to get serious about some projects I have on the go... for the list of things Im working on go to the other blog
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