Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Been a while

Its been awhile since I wrote anything... life has been insane. Thursday morning at 2am  Owen threw up... he was better by morning-ish but that night was a write off... then thursday night I had the RS service auction. It was a lot of work but alot of fun. We have a super group of sisters in this ward. they are all so supportive and amazingly talented! I feel lucky to associate with them! Then friday was a friday... Jaxon when to school, and we left the boys with Stef and Jarett so Tim adn I coudl go to a speech workshop for Jaxon... then at midnight Jaxon threw up... so that nght was a write off... he was better by saturday afternoon. But tim was sick too and then it hit me sunday morning. So that should explain the absense.
  So today I am thankful for HEALTH! lets hope it sticks around this time!
  Now I have some funny Jaxon stories to share. First the other night I am putting him to bed and he tells me he hates dots (his quilt has dots on it) he likes stripes, they are his favorite.. so he says. I tell him that he only has s dot blanket and he seems to get over it. Well that night at 1am he wonders into my room and I tell him to go back to bed... which he does. Then I hear him muttering in his room "i dont like dots... i want a stripe blanket" sure enough 10 minutes later he is back in my room complaining about the dots! I could not beleive it! I was not going to fight in the middle of the night! luckily for me he was easily swayed! Lets hope he learns to like dots!
  We tried to go swimming yesterday for FHE.. key word... tried... Its totally my fault... I was rushing to get everything ready and I told jaxon to grab his swim shorts and Owens swim shorts... which he did.. I saw that he had them and I told him to put them in our bag... which I didnt make sure he did... so there we are standing in the change room... and no swim trunks for the boys! Jaxon was not impressed! But he has been pretty easy going lately so like a big boy he shed a few tears but agreed it would be nasty to go swimming naked and that we should go home and try again next week.
  Oh yeah... thats his new word NASTY.. everything is nasty. I love it!
  Owen... is owen... bipolar owen. one moment he is happy the next he is screaming. I am constantly having to remind myself that I am a joyful mother of children. I can not wait for his teeth to come him..

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