Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today I am Thankful for HELPER BOYS
Today was a pretty normal day. All I did was clean and go to safeway, but the boys were so happy and willing to help. It was a pretty good day. Plus Jaxon has taken to calling me 'Master' so I cant complain. I ask him to do something and he says "Yes Master" LOVE IT
I dont know if I posted these pictures yet so if I did they are worth a second look

Owen loves shows and is always putting some ones on his feet. Yes Jaxon has no pants on.... if we are at home and no one is coming over he takes them off... I cant stop it...

Owen loves trains! LOVES THEM. Thomas is is favorite of course and he plays with him all the time. These are all the Take n Play Thomas train sets we have. I set them all up in the living room one day and he was thrilled!

My handsome boy! I cant believe he is going to be 4 next month!
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