Saturday, February 26, 2011

Times they are a changing

Today I am Thankful for SLEEP
I miss sleep. Jaxon is almost 4 and FINALLY is sleeping through the night. YAY! Owen who used to be an awesome sleeper has stopped sleeping... I have a 1 hour (2 if Im really lucky) nap from him during the day and then he is up about 3 times a night (at least 2 times) I have taken to sleeping on the couch with him on his little couch beside me because that way all I have to do is roll over and pat his back or give him is soother instead of walking down the hall to his room. Last night was a brutal night... I went to bed at 9 because I had a killer miagrain and I got my day started at 730 so that should be 10.5 hours sleep... but I was up 9 times last night.... He just doesnt like to sleep! BLARGH (one or two times last night I was woken up by are totally awesome partyer neighbours but the other 7 were owen) here's hoping for a better night tonight!
We finally had a nice day today too. It has be bitterly cold this week so me and the boys have stayed indoors. Which means CABIN FEVER. Tim took the boys out this afternoon and they played for at least an hour in the snow. What a good daddy they have!
Tomorrow is the big day. They announced last sunday that we had to go to this 'special' meeting this sunday at 2pm. Sounds like they are changing the ward boundaries. Which is bitter sweet. I love my ward and want it to stay the same no matter how unrealistic that is. So part or me is hoping that I stay with the majority of Chaparral ward... but since we are in Walden and not chaparral that seems unlikely... which sorta excites me too because its always an adventure when I new ward starts and you get to be a part of it from day one. So after a week of wondering we are approaching the end and will find out tomorrow!
here a some pics of my awesome boys

im sure Ive mentioned it before but Owen lives in his boots. he loves them. We only take them off when its bed time. But he sleeps in them at nap time

he tried so hard to keep up with Jaxon!

King Jaxon!
Jaxon is growing up so fast. he will be 4 in less then a month! I know! He is getting so smart and such a helper. He cracks me up all the time. he is super funny! He is really into building things lately. We make towers and castles alot. He also has loved puzzles this week! he is super good at them too!
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