Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I am Thankful for LOVE
Of cource on Valentines day I have to say love! It was a super fun day. I got to go to preschool with Jaxon and have fun giving out valentines and decorating cookies. The kids are always so much fun! Thanks go to my friend Linda who was so willing to take owen for me on like 10 minutes notice! YOU ROCK LINDA!
  Owen is finally better... I think. Although his teeth are still not in! ARGH... Im so sick of sleeping on the couch next to him... I miss my bed.
  Tonight we are taking the boys swimming... and I promise this week I make sure the suits on in the bag!!! BAHAHAH... Jaxon is so excited. He woke up yesterday and when I told him it was a church day he said "YES! That means tomorrow is monday and that means just one more sleep until we go swimming!"
  Well I figured there is no better way to celebrate the day then by sharing my valentines with you!
Yes its sideways.. i dont know how to fix that!

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