Thursday, July 26, 2012

Calaway Park

Since Tim has gone back to work, after having 3 weeks off, I am now on my own with all three kids... needless to say we have not had many outings. We are all starting to get cabin fever and are missing all the fun times we had when daddy was home. One of my boys most favorite places to go is Calaway Park. The big news this year... Owen is now tall enough to ride the Log ride. He loves it! My kids love all the rides really. Tim does too... and I am quite content to watch, take pictures and push Rohn in the stroller. Its always a fun time... the only thing we need to work on his Owen's Patience when it comes to standing in line!
Just after the Big Splash!

All Wet and loving it!


Owen Driving a truck!

On the Little roller Coaster

One Time Auntie Amanda, Autum and Colton came too!
My favorite part of going to Calaway park is....

A quiet car ride home! (Owen)


Even Rohn

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