Monday, July 16, 2012

A New Onesie for the Little Man

Poor Rohn... as our third baby boy he doesnt get new things. There really is no point... we have so much boy stuff already that I have become the hand me down queen and Rohn gets the clothes that Owen wore, which just happen to be the clothes that Jaxon wore before that! Sorry monkey man thats just how its going to be. But... I was able to receive a NEW onesie for Rohn from Disney Baby. It awesome!!
  First, I was beyond impressed by the quick response in getting the sample sent to me. Costumer Service is always a top priority to me so kudos to Disney baby for hiring such an awesome PR company to distribute these onesies! In fact I requested a larger size because I was expecting it to take a long time to get to me... so Rohn still has some growing to do before it fits him properly!
  Second, the quality of these onesies is awesome! The very first thing I noticed when I took it out of the packaging was how soft the material is. You know how sometimes when you buy new clothes it has that stiffness about it, that only goes away after 'breaking it in' This onesie comes already that soft, but with out the worn look. Its just snuggly!
   But I think my favorite thing about this onesie is the double row of snaps! Ive never seen that one other onesies! This is going to really help extend the life of this onesie because as Rohn gets longer he can continue to wear it! YAY!
   I havent had a chance to wash the onesie repeatedly, so I havent been able to test the claim that it washes and maintains its durablity, how ever with the high quality material and stitching this onesie has I dont see how it cant wash up great time and time again!
   Thanks so much to Disney Baby for sharing this awesome product with me.  (and thanks to Brooke over at for refering me to them!)
   Oh and despite that fact that its still a tab big.. I had to try it on my little man!

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Brooklyn Berry said...

It looks so cute on him!

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