Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Splash Park

I adore summer time (in case you havent noticed) I love the HOT weather. Although in my eyes Calgary doesnt get hot... I love the out out 30 degrees + weather. I love playing in water too... or at least watching my kids play in water.
We are lucky, where we are located on the far south side of Calgary means that we are only 10 mins from Okotoks, which is always far less crowded then places in Calgary. So we have taken to going out to the Okotoks splash park almost weekly. Its a nice small area where I can keep an eye on my kids with out running all over the place. Plus its never very busy.
Jaxon always runs right in... but Owen is still very tentative of the whole thing! He will run around the edge for about 20 mins before getting his feet wet. Even then he doesnt jump through any of the sprinklers. Maybe next time!

They have a giant bucket that fills up with water evey few minutes and then dumps out onto the kids in the splash zone. This is Jaxons favorite part!

Owen just runs away

Oh and side note... Here is a shot of our garden growing away. Jaxon takes alot of pride in our little garden.

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