Friday, January 18, 2008

2nd day of Bachelorhood

My second day of bachelorhood was about as uneventful as my first. Here's a rundown of what I did:
- Got up, ate breakfast, made my lunch,
- went to work,
- Talked to Amanda and Jaxon at lunchtime. Amanda said her hairdresser "fixed" Jaxon's hairdo,
- Went home after work,
- Had a hamburger and nacho chips for dinner,
- watched the Office with dinner,
- Talked with Amanda and Jaxon on the phone.
- did some CGA homework,
- watched the Office on TV,
- Watched Celebrity Apprentice,
- Took a shower,
- Went to bed.

Hopefully my third day will be a little more exciting for you all to read about. I'm thinking of doing some shopping or something this weekend, so that should be pretty fun. I don't mind just sitting around at home watching TV or playing videogames or doing homework, but I know it can't be too interesting to read about.

I'm contemplating whether I should grow another bachelor beard this time around. I was originally planning on shaving last night, but after talking with Amanda on the phone (and she asked me if I was going to grow a beard) I started to think maybe I shouldn't shave and should grow a beard. In any event, I never ended up shaving last night, so now I have the beginnings of a bachelor beard. I told Amanda on the phone that I was going to shave... as long as I shave before she gets home, it should be alright. So I'm still undecided, I may or may not grow a bachelor beard over the next 8 days. We'll see.

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