Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Pictures

The following are a bunch of pictures taken over the Christmas holidays. Christmas was very fun and interesting with Jaxon. It was great seeing him get excited about the empty boxes and discarded wrapping paper more than the toys and presents he was unwrapping. But I guess for a first Christmas it was to be expected. Next year, now that he knows what to expect, I'm sure Jaxon will have a much easier time unwrapping and playing with his presents.

This picture is from when we were going to Heritage Park to see the Nativity pageant put on by the church. It was pretty windy and cold outside so we had to dress Jaxon up in his snowsuit. The suit was so big and puffy that he hardy fit in the straps on his car seat.
On Christmas Eve, we allowed Jaxon to play with one of his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson before we went to Okotoks to Grandma and Grandpa Pisko's house. We also dressed Jax up in his Santa suit to celebrate the Christmas dinner at the Piskos. Jaxon really enjoyed the Tonka truck. It transforms in stages to help Jaxon crawl, walk and ride.
Here is Jaxon and Amanda getting ready to go to Okotoks for Christmas with the extended Pisko family.
Once we got the my family's house, Jaxon headed straight for the tree and all the presents underneath it. Surprisingly, he didn't want to open the presents, he only wanted to crawl on them.
Here are Jaxon's cousins, Hayden (standing with the candy cane) and Autum (looking at the presents) waiting for the Christmas dinner to start.
The kids had fun inspecting the tree and all the presents.

The grandkids posed with Grandma Pisko before we opened presents.

Santa Jaxon is eager to eat as he poses with his Santa Dad.

The unwrapping of presents begins. Only the Grandkids were allowed to open their presents on Christmas Eve. The rest of us grownup kids had to wait until Christmas Day to open our presents.
Jaxon needs to get more practice at opening presents. He would grab the paper and hold on to it, while we turned over his present to rip the paper off... and then he would try to eat the paper.

This is only one half of Jaxon's presents that he opened.

On Christmas morning, we stayed at home and waited for Amanda's brother Kris to come over for breakfast and to open presents. He wasn't planning on coming until 11, but that didn't stop Santa from leaving a present or 2 for Jaxon. Here Jaxon sits on his new little Spiderman couch. It's just his size and...

... it folds out into a bed so he can sleep on it when he naps.

Since we decided that Jaxon would probably destroy our tree if we tried to put it up, we had to improvise for Christmas morning. We crafted a paper tree and taped it to the TV with all the presents loaded on top of the TV stand. It wasn't quite the same as a real tree, but it was festive nonetheless.

Charlene decided that Amanda and I needed to have stockings for Christmas morning, so she sent them (along with the 6 other packages of presents) to us... all the while claiming that she hadn't "gone overboard".

Even with three stockings, I don't think all the presents would fit inside.

Here Jaxon opens one of his many presents.

Jaxon also seemed to be interested in everyone else's presents and toys and not his own. Here he tries to steal my Nintendo DS games.

Here is Amanda opening box 1 of 2 of her Christmas presents from her parents. They sent her two huge boxes full of kitchen gadgets and utensils.

Jaxon is trying to help mom open her presents.

Here is a shot of the Christmas morning aftermath... the tree had fallen down off the TV to signify the present opening had ended.

Here Jaxon and Uncle Kris are sad that there are no more presents, but happy that they got some good stuff.

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