Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Winter-een-mas

Today is the first day of the holiday that is Winter-een-mas. Winter-een-mas is a holiday dedicated to videogames and the people that play them. It is a week long event lasting for the final week in January. The entire month of January is known as the Winter-een-mas season, much like the month of December is known as the Christmas season.. To find out more about Winter-een-mas, and ways that you can help celebrate the holiday check out
Personally, I don't have any real dedicated plans to celebrate Winter-een-mas. With Amanda and Jaxon coming home tomorrow, I'll be too busy tonight finishing up all the chores that I haven't done yet to find any time to play video games. And then once they get home, I'll probably be too busy playing with Jaxon and catching up with Amanda to find time for video games. But nonetheless, I thought I would send out Winter-een-mas greetings to all.

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