Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jaxon's first haircut

We decided that Jaxon's hair was starting to get too long. It was getting shaggy and covering his eyes. So tonight we decided to give him his first haircut. With Amanda and Jaxon going to Ottawa tomorrow, I wanted to make sure we cut it before he left. And if we screwed up, then it would be easy for Amanda's hairstylist in Ottawa to fix it next week. So anyway, here is the before picture of Jaxon's hairdoo.

Here I'm combing Jaxon's hair forward to make it easier to cut. He doesn't really seem to like it.

The scissors are getting closer and Jaxon is starting to squirm a bit more.

The first cut is complete. You can see the clump of cut hair in my left hand.

Cutting a little bit more off the front. It was about this time that Amanda told me I was cutting it crooked.

The finished product. Sure he looks like the little kid from "Problem Child", but I think it looks pretty good for my first baby haircut.

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