Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brothers and Best Friends

My Little Owen is growing up so fast. He started crawling about a month ago and now he is pulling up on things. He wants to walk and move and keep up with Jaxon so badly!

Jaxon was playing cars and Owen had to be right there. Then he realized he could use the shelf to get up on. Of course he started playing with the Wii... what a little gamer!

Owen loves to sleep on his tummy. He must of gotten that from me. But this means he hates sleeping in his chair because he cant roll over. While I left him napping in his chair while I went to work on some games for Jaxon's big birthday bash we have coming up. I heard him rolling around and this is what I found. So I left him like that. Yep Im that kind of mom. I figured that if he was too uncomfortable he would wake himself up. It took 10 minutes!

Jaxon got an early Birthday present from Mama and Papa... a Plasma Car. He loves it! He rides it outside. He rides it in the basement and he rides it in the kitchen. It goes everywhere! Today he wanted to give Owen a ride on it. So we helped Owen hop on.

Owen just adores Jaxon. He just lights up when Jaxon is around, and he wants to play with whatever Jaxon has. Every game is more fun if Jaxon is playing too! And Jaxon loves Owen too. He always gives him hugs and smooches and says "Owen you are my Best Friend" Melts my heart and makes me smile. I sure hope they stay best friends!
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