Thursday, March 11, 2010

Water Fun

Here is another Houston shot. We had such a blast visiting Mama and Papa in Houston. We went to Kemah and they had this cool fountain there. Jaxon had so much fun playing in the water. He would run and then come runnign back to me and yell... "I got wet AGAIN!" He misses the warm weather now that we are home and talks about it all the time and how he misses playing outside. Good thing the weather hasnt been too bad here.

Owen had his 6 month shots today. He is such a trooper. Im not looking forward to grumpy pants tomorrow but what can you do. I had a good laugh though Jaxon didnt want to see Owen get his 'noodles' Oh Jaxon I love you. But its funny because Jaxon knows they arent noodles because if you ask him "Did you say noodles?" he says "No noodles" and then I say "Oh Needles" "Yeah mom thats what I told you!" He cracks me up!
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