Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hate surprises

I have come to realize that I hate surprises. I drives me nuts not knowing what is in presents at christmas time. I have caller ID so I know who is calling me before I answer the phone, and I think all doors should have peep holes so I know who is there before I answer it. What has brought this confession on??? Well I was released from my calling on Sunday and when they did that I was told me "We have another one in the works for you so dont get too comfortable... in a few days we will be talking to you again" Now its driving me NUTS... Im consumed but the what ifs.... JUST CALL AND EXTEND THE CALL!!!!!
But I guess not all surprises are bad. Ashley called today and said "Lets go to the zoo" Jaxon has had cabin fever but whatever I suggested to do today was a no go but as soon as I mentioned Sammy and Elizabeth Jaxon would have dont anything. He loves those too! So thanks for the fun time Ashley!
This is a picture of Jaxon opening his one of his presents from Mama and Papa on his Birthday. It is a travel train set. He was thrilled. "Just like on the TV" He has been watching the commercials for this and wanting it so badly. He has noticed that you can attach more sets to it... so today I get "mom... after you are done feeding Owen can we go to Toys R Us and get a new train set" "Not today Jaxon" "Oh.... how about after lunch" I explained what not today meant and he looks at me and says "Oh... ok... when Mama and Papa get back to Edmonton, mama will take me to Toys R Us and I can get one" So just a heads up mom!
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Ashley said...

I hate suprises too. Well they are fine if they are real suprises and I have no idea that they are coming, but the waiting and knowing is terrible.

Tim, Amanda, Jaxon & Owen said...

Agreed! I just want to know what Im in for!

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