Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun and tiring days!

WOW! I can't believe Ive survived until 9:30 tonight! LOL Just Kidding... today was a pretty good day. No thats a lie... today was a great day! So it started off like any other day.. cartoons... but the highlight was that is was Jaxon's (and now mine too) favorite Backyardigans episode. Its all about a tea party but Jaxon loves it because it has the Knock knock, who's there, Banana joke in it. He loves that joke. After that he started in on the "Hey I know Let's go to Sammy and Elizabeths house" For those of you who havent been following this blog Jaxon loves the Smith kids and we are beyond THRILLED that they just live down the street. So we spend most of our days with them. Sorry Ashley Im sure you are pretty sick of us! Finally I caved and called "Elizabeth's Mommy" And they came and played and even had lunch with us, while Ashley and I enjoyed conversing with someone over 3 feet tall, plus I made rice Krispies and Cupcakes for the party on Saturday. Anyways... as an added Bonus Kim and Joseph Hawkings came to play in the afternoon. Back when we lived in the Mormon Ghetto (and I say that with the most love possible) Joseph and Jaxon ruled the playground together. It sucks not having them close by but we do cherish the times they do come to play. They best part was looking around the house once everyone was gone at 4pm and laughing... It was destroyed. My boys have more toys then most toy stores I think! It was fun to see the mess and now how much fun all the kids had and I had too. I really needed a day with friends! Thanks Ladies! I was going to post a pic of the war zone... but it made me too exhausted to look at it. Good thing Tim took tomorrow off... I think Ill make him clean it up.
  OH! and a big special Thank you to Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Sadie and Great Great Grandma in Cranbrook for the bday card. Jaxon loves getting mail. Sometimes I give him the junk mail just to see his face light up when he says "Mail... for JAXON... Im JAXON" And im sure Jaxon will be even more thrilled when we take him to Toys R Us tomorrow to pic out his gift! Thanks again Cranbrook Crew! We love you!


Ashley said...

Sorry about the biggest mess in the world. and those were the best rice crispies ever!!

Auntie Rachel said...

It has been 4 days since your last post. Where are the birthday pictures!

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