Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jaxon Goes to the Dentist

Today was Jaxon's first visit to the dentist. He was super excited to go and was even more excited when we told him we would have to take the C Train. I was surprised at how much he actually let them do, I thought that he would be brave until he got into the chair and then he would freak out! But he loved it!

They had him weat these totally cool shades. What a cool dude!

Shout out to the best Dentist in the world! Kim Orth of Core Dental... YOU ROCK! I have been going to him for years... actually as long as I can remember. My run in with other dentist just proves how AMAZING Kim is!

Counting teeth and looking at his bite... all good... I was shocked! I thought we would have problems since he had a soother for so long and plus he insists on brushing his own teeth so I thought he would have decay... but apparently he is doing a good job.
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