Sunday, January 16, 2011

Afternoon Naps and my little stinker

Today I am Thankful for AFTERNOON NAPS
Today I was lucky enough to have an afternoon nap. I laid on the couch, both my boys game me a smooch on my cheek and then tim took them down to the toy room and I snoozed for 90 minutes. It was Glorious! I dont get to nap often at all anymore and I sure do miss them. That is one nice thing about 9 am church... sunday afternoon naps!
Jaxon has gone to Primary for a couple weeks now. He loves it. I hear he is a little crazy in class, but he sits still for singing time and he talks about the songs all the time. I dont know how he got so big! how did I get so old! I sure love my Jaxon. He was a huge helper today and would do anything I asked and even little things that made things better with out being asked. Like helping Owen when he was angry, and cleaning up some toys. He really is a sweet little boy.
And then there is my monster. No other nick name suits Owen so well. He is trouble and he knows it and loves it. he looks for ways to cause problems! and he thinks its all so funny. He can now push chairs across the hardwood in the kitchen... so he now pushes them to the island and climbs up in search of his soother and when he gets hungry... why not help yourself in the pantry is his theory... What im only 16 months... no problem Ive got it covered!
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