Friday, January 7, 2011


Today I am Thankful for BROTHERS
I have an awesome big brother. There are several reasons why he is awesome but most recently its because for christmas this year he got me a subscription to the Food Network Magazine. I was/am stoked. I got it in the mail a couple days ago... there are so many new recipes to try... SUPER EXCITED
I will admit that when I was pregnant wiht Owen and found out he was a boy that I was dissappointed. I really wanted a little girl. But now that I can watch my boys together I feel so blessed to have these twoo sweet little boys in my house. But they are still monsters! Owen adores Jaxon and now that Owen is able to play Jaxon is having a blast with him. They do almost everything together! Today was friday so it was Happy meal day for Jaxon. Today he decided to share with Owen. Owen was thrilled and downed half the french fries. It was so cute watching him dip them in Ketchup just like Jaxon!
Jaxon looked at me and said "Im a good Big Brother"
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