Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today I am Thankful for Home
Despite the snow we made it home from Edmonton in one piece today. It really wasnt that bad... just a few slippery spots. I love being at my moms house. There is great food, fun times, games and best of all help with the boys! I was able to read 2 books while I was there! It was awesome! But it is nice to be in my home. Even though its messy and Ill spend the next week cleaning and organizing. I am happy to be home. I dont know if Ill still say that tonight as I sleep in my cramped double bed with tim after being used to the nice queen at my mom's house. But I am looking forward to Jaxon back and school and the start of our routine again... we thrive on schedules and routines in this house!

The Pisko men relaxing at home!
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