Monday, January 3, 2011

Goof Balls!

Today I am thankful for JAXON
He is such a goof ball! Sometimes when I really stop to think about it I cant believe how much of my day I spend laughing. I am one lucky mom. Jaxon is such a sweetheart. He was getting alittle over excited to be back at school and was hitting kids today, so he got the DS taken away. Which was a huge thing for Jaxon. he loves the DS. But I think it really helped to get the point across. I know he doesnt mean to be mean... he just has a hard time dealing with excitment... he shakes and hits. But he is a sweetheart. This week Jaxon has an extra special week at Preschool. Its PAJAMA WEEK! Awesome eh? It took Jaxon a while for me to convince him it was ok to go out in his Jammies but he got over it.
Then we went swimming for FHE tonight. both boys were thrilled! They are fishies! (especially owen) Jaxon was concerned for his jammies... he didnt want them to get wet... I told him we would take them off before we got to the pool... he was good with that!
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