Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Rachel!

Today I am Thankful for AUNTY RACHEL
So I thought since its my sister Rachel's 21st birthday today it would only be fair that she be what I am Thankful for today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY RACHEL!
My Boys adore their aunty rachel and she adores them... except when they are poopy... then she passes them off to me! Jaxon was so excited to call her today to say Happy birthday but right as she answered the phone he got all shy and would only whisper. But he sure misses her when she is away at school!
Rachel and I are total opposites... she is a living barbie doll... me.. not so much! But she is still a pretty cool girl!
How did she get to be 21??
Here is a picture I took at christmas this year... Its on Christmas eve at like 8pm... Jaxon asked to watch cartoon and snuggled up to Aunty Rachel, within 5 minutes he was sleeping. Out like a light!
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