Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gamers Start Young

Today I am thankful for Owen!
He cracks me up! I love watching him because he is always watching Jaxon and is doing everything he does. I dont think Owen realizes he is only 16 months old. He is always trying to act older. Which makes him seem like such a little man.
Today Jaxon put the DS on the couch while it was charging. (the DS is one of Jaxon's favorite toys and is always playing it... and of course Owen is always watching his big brother play) So today Owen grabbed the opportunity and took a turn on the DS. No I didnt pose him. This is my 16 month old playing DS... yep... he may not be any good because he doesnt know what he is doing... but he is playing.

Another cute/weird thing about Owen that cracks me up... He has a blanket that he adores. but he adores the blanket for one reason... the tag. He has to snuggle and rub the tag all over his face when he is falling asleep. I have tried other blankets and even other tags... but the sheep blanket tag is the only one he ADORES! The tag is about to fall off that blanket and I know Ill have to sew it back on as soon as it does or my life will be miserable!
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