Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a Typical day

Today was a pretty typical day... nothing to exciting and nothing too bad either... But lets shake things up a bit with things Im not Thankful for today!
1) GUM - Owen loves the car carts at safeway... so I put him in one and was thrilled that I was getting peace and quiet while I did groceries... that should have been my first clue. because I get to the cash and his face is all blue, his hands are all blue and he is crewing on something.I asked him what he is eating and he shows me an empty gum ball wrapper... AWESOME. I dont know how he didnt choke, why he didnt swallow it... But Im grateful for guardian angels... Owen did not want to give it up and I had to dig around for a long time getting it all out of his mouth... NASTY
2) WINTER - There are serveral reasons why I hate winter... today its because strawberries were 6.99... BOO
3) THE SHAWNESSY LIBRARY PARKING LOT - I drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a spot... not a good spot... just a spot... I eventually just left... looks like Ill have to return/pickup my books another day.

But today I am thankful for BAKING WITH MY BOYS
Jaxon loves to help me bake. Especially when its his favorite chocolate chip cookies. Owen has to do everything that jaxon does so know I have two little helpers.


britni jean said...

what a fun idea for a post! your boys are cute little baking helpers!!

Amanda Pisko said...

Thanks Britni! We miss you guys!

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