Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today I am Thankful for BOOKS
 I was going to post a picture of books today... but I forgot to take a picture... maybe Ill do that tomorrow and add it to this post.
  But I love to read. Its one of my absolute favorite things to do. Today Tim took the boys out to Okotoks, which means I got to spend the afternoon reading. Which was awesome since Im really into this book called the Book Thief and I need to return it to the Library soon! It was a wondeful afternoon

  Funny thing about Jaxon. He was started to say soem pretty funny things. He says ABSOLUTELY all the time, instead of saying yes and he has started calling people Fool! I love it... he comes up and says What are you doing Fool!?? he does it to be funny and wait for me to laugh. Makes me crack up!

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