Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slide Rockets

Today I am Thankful for SLIDE ROCKETS
 Today I got to go help out at Jaxons preschool again. I loving doing that. It has finally warmed up today so we took the whole class out to the park. It was a gong show getting 14 kids outfitted int snowpants, hats, mittens and boots, but we did it. And they loved it. Once we got to the park they kids were hestitant at first as to what to do... it was covered in snow. But Jaxon climbed up the steps and just slid down the slide. Soone all the kids were doing it to. The Best part was that the more the kids slid on it the fasted the slide went. Soon the little kiddos were just flying off the end of the slide into snowbanks. It was so funny!

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