Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Everyday - Day 13

Today was another fun day. Jaxon only watched one movie all day which is great for him! Plus it was like 10 degrees out so we went outside to play for 30 minutes. Jaxon had me push him on his Trike... he doesnt know how to pedal... then we played Sidewalk Chalk and then we blew bubbles. Then Owen, who was in his sling, puked all over me and himself so I had to do laundry... thats how I washed my cell phone... yet again. YAY ME!
Tonight we had to take Owen for his 4 month shots. I think it was harder on Jaxon then on Owen. Owen started crying of course and Jaxon lost it. "NO mom NO they are hurting Owen!" Owen had long stopped crying when Jaxon was still going strong. He is just too good of a big brother.
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