Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Everyday - Day 8

I cannot believe what I did today... I registered Jaxon in preschool. He doesn't start until the Fall but when did he become old enough for preschool! As sad as I am that I have a child old enough for preschool I am thrilled that I found such a great preschool. Its called Leap n Learn and its in Okotoks but in Jan 2011 they are opening one basically across the street from us in Walden so it will be nice to have it so close in Jan 2011. But it looks great. They let them play but still teach. They have weekly themes and even start to intoduce French. We took Jaxon to the open House to see it today and he loved it. He didnt want to leave. So know I have one more obsticle to conquer before we are all set... Potty Training... I told Jaxon tonight that Preschool says "NO DIAPERS" and he paniced... "But I wear diapers" So I explained he will have to learn to use the potty... he is know thinking it over I think because he refuses to talk about it. We will see if this will get him to finally try and potty train!

My Little Man! Now he is so big!
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