Monday, January 4, 2010

My Everyday - Day Three

Today was a really fun day. Like Every Monday we started our day by heading to Gymboree... but the real fun started when we got home. It was Laundry day, and to top it off it was the first day using our new Front load HE washer and dryer. It was pretty sweet and now Jaxon thinks he has the ultimate Playroom. I could not get him out of the basement today. He would watch the washer and dryer... I really dunno why he loves front loaders so much but he is mesmorized by them! And when he needed a break he would play with his new Train set that he got from Santa.

Owen really loves watching all the action from his saucer

This is a pic from Christmas morning. This is the first time Jaxon say his Train Set. He loved it. And I love that I no longer have to hear him ask me to take him to Chapters to play on the trains all day everyday!
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