Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 26

Today was a GREAT day. We had the Smiths over for a playdate. Jaxon has been after me for a week to have Elizabeth and Sammy over. He was thrilled to see them walk up the fron step! I always have a blast chatting with Ashley so it was a highlight of my day too! Another highlight was all the time I got to spend in my kitchen today. I love being in my kitchen. Its my favorite room in the house. So I made yummy caramel brownies this morning... sooo yummy. For dinner I made a 5 cheese backed Ziti like you can get at the Olive Garden. SOOOOOO GOOD and I put the pork tenderloin for tomorrow in a really spicy looking marinade. YAY! So far the new recipes are all successes. Yesterday I made a Thai chicken Satay with Spicy peanut sauce. YUMMY!
After the play date we went to Gymboree. Jaxon always has fun there! He is a crazy kid and everyone loves him and laughs at him. He makes me tired!
After gymboree we went to Zellers to pick up some stuff for Jaxons bday party. Yes I know its not until March but I have lots of things planned and since my hands are full most days I try to start early so I can do a little each day and hopefully get it all done on time! The highlight there was 1) the boys were awesome in the store! 2) I had a $50 gift card! YAY goft cards!
Potty training with Jaxon is still going... slowly but at least its going... Im keeping my fingers crossed and am holding out hope that he will be trained by the fall for preschool! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
Owen has made some but leaps today... he pushed up on to all 4s again... and he has started to squirm backwards so Im sure crawling is right around the corner... the my life will be even more interesting! And he is starting to sit... sorta... he leans quite a bit but at least I dont have to hold him all the time... he is starting to get the hang of sitting.
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