Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Everyday- Day Two

For those of you who don't know Jaxon loves Robert Munsch. He has only recently be introduced to the books but we have been watching the Bunch of Munsch Videos at least 2 sometimes 3 times a day for over a month now. (I knew all the songs before Jaxon started watching them so much because I use to love them too!) We were really lucky because the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton had a Special Interactive Robert Munsch exhibit I was able to take Jaxon to when visiting Mama and Papa in Edmonton over the holidays! Jaxon had to much fun!!! I had been having a hard time thinking of a good 3rd Birthday Party Theme for Jaxon but have now settled on Munsch. I spent some of my day today working on some stories... I am writing a story for each of the kids I will invite to the party starring them. Not be brag or anything but Im pretty impressed with myself. I need to get them published! LOL!
Anyways... I thought Id post some pics of Jaxon at the Museum!

Jaxon doing the Thomas' Snowsuit puzzle. (Thomas' Snowsuit and Murmel Murmel Murme are this favorites right now... I love Pigs!)

Princess Elizabeth... if you dont know she is the Paper Bag Princess you have been living under a rock!

Jax insisted on getting the letter for the velcro wall all by himself.

Jaxon Loved this part of the exhibit... it was Mortimer and everytime you walked but the door it would say "BEEEEEEEEE QUIET!" Jaxon will still giggle at me if I say it to him.
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