Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Everyday - Day 4

So... we have a huge issue with Jaxon sleeping in his own bed. He is up at least once... lately 2-3 times a night asking to come into bed with me and Tim... but we have finally gotten him out of the habit of asking for our bed... now he just insists on one of us (lately me) sleeping with him... So this morning at 3am I found myself in bed with my toddler. I woke up this morning and looked over at Jax and he had no covers I reached down and tried to pull some up for him, but none would come up... then I realized his lack of covers was because his mommy had stole them all! Well hopefully that will help discourage him from wanting someone to sleep with him!
Owen is a great sleeper...in bed around 930 and up at 730... I LOVE IT!

Jaxon also loves sleeping on the couch (yes that is your blanket Auntie Rachel!)
OH!!! A very funny Jaxon story today... we I was folding laundry while Jaxon was on the computer playing treehouse and eating pretzels... we comes over and hands me the bag and says "Here mom, you hold this while I eat!"
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