Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Everyday - Day 18

Jaxon Loves to take pictures and he loves that he has his own camera. Today I thought Id see the world has Jaxon sees it. Here are some of the pictures he took. He is such a funny guy.
We had a play date with Benson Miller today which is always fun. Jaxon was so excited to see his buddy Benson and to tell him that he pees on the potty... Yes potty training has begun and Jaxon likes to share his vicotories with everyone. Then this afternoon Jaxon helped me make snickerdoodles and popsicles. Jaxon refuses to eat the Pink Popsicles so I have gotten sick of buying boxes of popsicles since we have a million pink ones still in the fridge. So today we made green popsicles. Jaxon loves green its his new favorite color.

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