Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 28

So I know I missed another day yesterday... oh well it happens... I got caught up reading with Jaxon then fell asleep. I love reading with Jaxon.
  Anyways... the highlights of the last few days... we went to build a bear yesterday and Jaxon made his friend Makaelyn a puppy dog. He had a blast and was really proud to give it to her. Aunty Leah also come over to visit which was fun. My boys adore Leah. Im lucky to have such a great friend. My life wouldnt be the same without her in it!
  Dinner yesterday was soooooo good... Chipotle BBQ pork Sammies! YUMMY! tonights dinner wasnt great... but so far 3/4 recipes were winners... lets see what tomorrow holds!
  Today was a PJ day for Jaxon, I was jealous I really wanted a PJ day but I had a baby shower to go to tonight so I figured Id have to wear real clothes.
   Jaxon sais his first pray all by himself last night..."Dear heavenly father. Thank you for this day. Thank you for the food. Please bless it. Bless that Brownie (Maks puppy) will sleep good. Bless Owen to sleep good. In the name of Jesus christ amen" I was so proud of my little man!

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