Monday, January 25, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 25

Today was a really fun day... We had gymboree in the morning and then we had my visiting teachers come and visit and Jaxon made two new friends. Looks like we have more play dates coming up! Plus Jaxon did the laundry for me... really he did. He took all the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer then started it up and then filled up the washer with the dirty clothes again... he just forgot the soap... but I helped him there.
Jaxon got this cool game from Mama (what we call Grandma Nelson) for christmas. Its Diego 123. Jaxon loves matching and he loves numbers so we play this game at least once a day. He really loves helping everyone win.

My guy is getting so big... this shirt I had him in for church on Sunday was a size 4!!!! Can you believe my little man is in a size 4!!!

Speaking of my growing guys... here is Owen eating some cereal. We tried once before but he wasnt interested. But tonight was a completely different story. It took him a few spoonfuls... really I think it was more so that I had better technique then Tim.. but he got it and then was went to town! Owen sure does love to eat. He are almost a full bowl he loved the spoon and would grab at it and pull it into his mouth. When I would put it back in the bowl he would smack at his tray and open his mouth WIDE!

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