Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Everyday - Jan 24

So Its much easier for me to keep track of these by the date....
I know I didnt blog yesterday... sorry... I was sick... But thanks to a wonderful husband who let me rest lots I am feeling much better... not 100% but pretty close... lets face it as a mother of 2 little ones I never feel 100%.
Tim also wired the lights in our basement yesterday.. that is a real thrill because know Jaxon can get into his play room without needing me to run down and turn lights on! YAY!
Jaxon is coming out with the funniest things. I have to really watch what I say because he turns it around on me. Lately he has been telling me my Options. I also give him choices...You can do this or that "Those are your options!" so all weekend its "Mom we can play hide and seek or tag... those are your options"
Owen wont shut up! Church is hard because he loves it but squeals and screams (happy screams) all sacrament... and I mean LOUD. When Jaxon did this we would give him a soother but Owen refuses to take one... so he is just LOUD!
Im pretty excited about this week coming up... It looked like it would be pretty boring so I thought Id try 5 new recipes for dinner this week... Ill be sure to post the good ones! But now this week is crazy! We have gymboree and Visiting Teachers tomorrow, Tuesday we have a playdate with the Smiths, Wednesday Aunty Leah might come over, Either Thursday or Friday we are having Lunch with Friends and depending on what day that happens I will take Jaxon to Buildabear to make a gift for his friend Mak's Birthday. Plus I have the normal chores, laundry, grocery shopping, etc to do... not to mention I need to get my butt in gear and finish some of my craft projects!
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