Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boring day

Today was a boring day. But I thought Id post the pictures from the beach I took yesterday. They boys had so much fun. Jaxon wanted to go back today! But even just the thought of going out in the sun made my legs burn! But just in case someone out there is worried about me, they are already turning blotching and returning to their normal albino-ness.

Jaxon and Sammy playing on the big rock

Owen Was so excited. He loves our sandbox and so he fell in love with the beach!

Ashley and I park ourselves on the beach right next to the park. That way the kids could run back and forth and we didnt even have to move! Jaxon Loves this park because it has a digger!

Snack time!
Tomorrow will be an exciting day for us. Owen is getting his first hair cut. He is growing up so fast!
I made a really yummy supper tonight... Im posting about it on the other blog check it out
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