Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Much Fun At Mama and Papa's House

We woke up this morning at Auntie Debbie's and Jaxon was eager to hit the road to come up to Mam and Papas house here in Edmonton. We have had a busy fun day! Jaxon is SOOOOO happy! He got to help Papa mow the lawn,

He Chased down his first ice cream truck... in his under wear no less... how what trash is that! Running after the ice cream truck in his underwear. Love it..

Jaxon is a great big brother and so he shared with Owen. But Owen wasnt satisfied with what Jaxon was willing to share so I had to share my freezing with him. Today was a good day!
What does our week hold??? Eating... lots of yummy food... tonight we made Orange/Kumquat Chicken. Other meals include Thai Sloppy joes with Chilatro peanut coleslaw, Cajun Pasta, Korean BBQ Beef, Pomegrante BBQ Chicken and of course our traditional Chuck E Cheese visit!
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