Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting so Big

Yesterday I took Jaxon to his preview session for preschool. He had so much fun. I was nervous that he would only want to stay if I was there too.... but after 5 minutes of me waiting around there with him he looked at me and said "Get out of here... go to safeway already!" So I left and he did wonderful the teacher said. She even said he was an excellent listener... I know... Jaxon.. I was pretty shocked. But now Jaxon is super excited for the Fall so he can go back.
I am sorta excited too. I got so much done while he was at school. I had no kids... my mom was in town to watch Owen. But Even when I only have 1 kids to look after I will get so much accomplished... at least thats what I tell myself so I wont think about how much Ill miss Jaxon.
I was looking forward to going out an a date with my husband last night. All of you that know me know that I am HIGHLY selective about who I leave my boys with (especially now that Owen makes strange) so Me and Tim dont get many date nights. But I thought since my parents were in town it would be a great time... but it didnt work out...go figure!
Jaxon and I have a new game... we play tag with the camera. He runs around the yard while I try to get a picture of him. He thinks its so funny and I end up with some great shots! HAHAHAHA I think they are hilarious!
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Kim_Hawk said...

I think we might have found a preschool for Joseph. Yay! We check it out this coming week, I hope Joseph likes it as much as Jaxon!

Tim, Amanda, Jaxon & Owen said...

HOORAY!!! Where??

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