Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunshiney days

I love days that are sunny! Today was a wonderful day! It was bright and sunny and hot... ok maybe not hot hot but warm at least. We spent most of the day outside... since the good weather never seems to last long here. We started by celebrating Jaxon's little buddy Joseph's 3rd birthday! It was a Rocket Themed party. Jaxon and Owen had a blast. And the food was awesome. Good Job Kim! Then we spent the afternoon in and out of our backyard in the sandbox and on the 'park' I think Im burnt again... but I love it!

Last night was awesome. One of my Bestest Friends in the whole world Stef is getting married in a week... so it was time for the stagette. Yeah I know... mormon girls get a little crazy! We got temporay tattoos, gave sexy gifts, had an at home spa night, drank Mocktails, and watched a chick flick... I was out until after midnight... can you believe it?!?! I was shocked too!
Speaking of Mocktails... I have started a new blog and I expect all you out there to start reading that one too... so CHECK IT OUT!!!
On there you will find one of the mocktails I made for the party last night!
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