Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little Taste of Summer

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. I love summer days like this. I wish everyday was like this. It was a perfect day for Garage sale-ing... so Mom and I took off to the Annual Chaparral Community Parade of Garage Sales. We didnt find anything and it was a little disappointing but it was such a nice day we were just glad to be out walking. (and burning off all the extra calories we had been eating lately)
Once we got home it was time to play outside with the boys. I am thrilled with how our backyard has come together. Jaxon loves his sandbox and pool and park. We spent hours outside today... and now Im a lovely shade of Lobster red. but it was and always will be totally worth it.
The Cherry on top today was that we had Peter's Drive In... is there anything better then Peter's Drive In?? I Doubt it!

Tomorrow looks like another Beautiful day so we are leaving the pool filled and ready for more swimming fun. I cant wait. The rest of the week looks pretty lame weather wise but we will soak up as much sun as we can! I LOVE SUNSHINE
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