Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is an Adventure

Today was another busy day here in Edmonton. They always seem to be. We started off by heading to safeway to get the needed ingredients for out new recipes the next few dinners. Im so looking forward to tomorrows Thai Sloppy Joes with Cilantro peanut coleslaw. Tonight we had Cajun Pasta... Delisious!
So Im thinking Owen has almost his first few words. He know says Mama and Papa as he is crawling towards them... Im not saying he is talking yet but its still pretty cute.
My Boys sure does need to get his first hair cute!
This afternoon me and Jaxon went to the pool. It was really fun. They have a really twirly slide and at the bottom the water splashes up over your head. Jaxon actually really loved it!
Then after dinner it was off to the Park... we got a third of the way there when Jaxon tried to pick up dog poop. "What this?" Then he drove off the sidewalk and fell into a puddle... so we had to go home get him dry and clean the plasma car before we could continue onto the park. then at the park he face planted off the swing and had rock imprints on his face. Adventures!
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Ashley Smith said...

sigh. for some reason I thought you were home when I woke up today. and I called your house to see if you wanted to go to lets play. :(

I think you guys are having beter weather than us.

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