Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. It started bright and early with Owen getting up at 6am... Jaxon slept in past 730... why cant my kids coordinate sleep in days so I can sleep in too!?? But it was good that I got up and moving since I had to get everything ready for the favorite color party we had today. To read about that fun go to my other blog
  But the fun didnt stop there... after lunch we headed off to the beach! Jaxon was thrilled. I love having a beach just down the road! It was super fun to hang out with Brooke and Ingrid and to watch Jaxon follow Ingrid's 6 yr old Evan around... Jaxon thought it was as cool as the big boy!
  Now Jaxon is napping... But Ill wake him up soon for a tub. He is sleeping sitting up on the couch. I Love it!

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