Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Owen's First Haircut

Today was a big day in our household. Little Owen got his first hair cut. He made it almost 10 months before we had to cut his hair. A big thanks to Ruth Fullmer for doing such a great job on it. Owen really didnt like getting his hair cut but he didnt cry. He just tried to get away. So I guess it was ok... it could have been worse. Now he looks like such a big boy! Although I kind of miss his boy band look.


About to start cutting, wearing the super cute dino cape.

All Done...owen looks just wiped!
Jaxon got his hair cut too and the big news there is that normally he wants to sit on my lap but today he sat all by himself like he was an old pro! Ruth Promised him a sucker but forgot at the end... Jaxon and I didnt remember until later that afternoon when Jaxon stopped playing cars and said "Hey! Ruth didnt give me a sucker... she forgot!" It was pretty funny to me!
Well Im off to bed... I should stay up and get ready for the Favorite color party tomorrow but Im really just too tired.
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