Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heritage Park

At Christmas Time mom got us Heritage Park Passes, which was the most perfect gift. We already have tons of toys, and Jaxon loves going places and doing stuff so this was an ideal gift. I love it. Today we went with Auntie Leah. It had been a while since we had seen her but the boys were super excited. Owen didnt even make strange! Owen is too little for the rides so I need to bring another grown up along with me so I can ride with Jaxon!
Jaxon on the little Ferris Wheel. He loved it and felt like such a big boy for going on it by himself!

Auntie Leah and Jaxon on the BIG ferris wheel. Thanks to Auntie Leah for going on that one since this Mom is terrified of the Ferris Wheel!

Jaxon on the Carousel

Owen on the Carousel... he didnt seem too impressed by it.
It was a gorgeous day! We had so much fun. Thanks again auntie Leah! We owe you one!
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