Monday, June 7, 2010


I am exhausted. Today was another fun filled day here at Mama and Papa's house. It started with a quick walk to the park before the rain came. We made it home just in time! Then it was off to Walmart where Jaxon got to pick out two new cars and lots of stickers and activity books to do in the house since it was rainy. Then it was off to Dollarama to find a claw for Jaxon's friend Joseph. Mission accomplished there! And of course it was a Happy Meal lunch day. But the most fun was when we got home... laundry day. Almost everyday is Laundry day at Mama and Papas and Jaxon loves it. Then it was off to the Library. Jaxon got 11 books for story time. He loves the Library! Im so glad. I even picked out some recipe books to look like while I am here. But the most excitement was dinner... Chuck e Cheese... It was a riot. Jaxon had so much fun and we won lots of Tickets and Jaxon got to pick out 3 prizes. he was Thrilled. Now its time for bed...we are exhausted!
here are some pictures from the Childrens Fest a few days ago

Jaxon's Favorite part was the bouncy house

Owens Favorite part was Fred Penner (Owen loves music!)
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