Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day Of Summer

We welcomed summer they way we should... by going to the beach! I love leaving so near to Lake Chaparral and I LOVE that Ashley now has a lake card. because we will now be at the Lake ALL the time. Today we spent our morning there... then come home and headed over to the Smiths house to play in the sprinkler. We even had a picnic outside for dinner. AWESOME. Now I am by no means an outside person... I dont hike or do outdoorsy things... but give me the heat, the sun and a good book and Ill stay out for hours!
But With all that sunshine I enjoyed I got burnt... bad! But Im not looking for sympathy because ill do it again tomorrow. My scalp, arms and chest are all red but its my legs that are the worst. They seem to have passed from the red shades to a weird maroon shade.
My Boys love summer and being outside. Here is Owen enjoying the slide. He has figured it out and loves it. He gets so excited when we put him up to slide. Oh... I dont know if I mentioned it but he also took his first steps on Friday. He didnt realize that he was no longer holding the couch and just started walking... until he noticed the lack of support then he sat down. Today he has been experimenting with standing on his own so Im sure in a week or two he will be motoring.

Owen Also loves when tim Tosses him in the air

Jaxon wanted a turn too. But for some reason tim couldnt toss him quite so high!
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