Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr Sun...we miss you

Today was another rainy day. We hate rainy days in this house. I hate them because well I just hate rain and the boys and I are stuck inside so the house is a diaster and the TV is on nonstop! ARGH! Jaxon is my sun loving kid and im sure owen will be too... so they were both really bugged. Jaxon was yelling at the Rain... "GO AWAY"
We did make it up to dollarama today. That store is so great. I love it. they have some pretty good stuff for a dollar or two. There is one of my pet peeves... everything in Dollarama should be ony a dollar.
But since we were stuck in the house all day I got lots done. I cleaned/disinfected the kitchen, I got two scrapbook pages done, I made snickerdoodles and even made up a new Chipotle chicken Noodle soup in my slow cooker. (Ill be sure to post the recipe soon)
Last night was stamp club... I love it! But Last night we made the the most difficult cards... it took me hours and they still didnt work right! ohwell... at least they look cute! (kindof)
Obviously this picture was not taken today. its my Ode to the sun who never seems to visit anymore.

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Ashley Smith said...

You are stuck home all day and get mega work done. I am stuck home all day and do nothing. Glad your soup sounds liek it worked out!!

Kim_Hawk said...

It seems like Calgary wants to give us crappy weeks and sunny weekends. It sucks..I hope it's warm this weekend!

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