Monday, June 14, 2010

What a fun day!

Today I woke up and thought I had a really boring day ahead of me. But I was wrong. Chelsea called us and we went to Heritage Park. Jaxon was thrilled to play with Corbin. To make it even better we met Ashley there too so Sammy and Elizabeth were there as well. It was quite a huge herd of us but it was fun. We rode the train and all the midway rides and even the ferrie... although that ride was a bit long for jaxon. While on the Train Jaxon looked and Corbin and said "Elizabeth and you are my best friends" I thought it was pretty sweet. jaxon is so lucky to have so may fun friends and Im so lucky to have fun mom friends too! Thanks Ladies! Both Owen and Jaxon fell asleep on the way home which made for a wonderful afternoon for me watching Top Chef Masters uninterupted.
Then one of my closest and dearest friends in the world, Stef, came over. And we went shopping! Tim had to work late (again) so we just took the boys with us. I must say I was impressed with how good they were. Having the strollers with the cartoons was a huge help!
I just love this pic of the the boys. Owen loves to climb into the drawers and Jaxon was just being silly! I amso lucky to have two really sweet and for the most part good boys.
Dinner was so good tonight... I made pizza... I love pizza... I tried a new recipe. I made a korean BBQ steak pizza... YUMMY!
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Ashley Smith said...

lol you should have see the circus in our car keeping all the kids awake so they would all sleep when I got home.

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