Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review

     I love weekends! Even if the weather is crappy... really snow at the end of may... gross. But that means I got alot of reading since we were stuck in the house. I have started reading the Fablehaven series. Sure its meant for younger the 12-14 age group... so I sometimes find the story line weak... but when you are running on little to no sleep it makes for an easy read! I actually am really enjoying them. I just finished the second book, Rise of the Evening Star. The ending really has been excited to read the third. But I think Ill try reading a grown up book first!

Today was a great day in my house. I finally got all the spring dejunking done. I got rid of all the broken toys and old shoes. I even organized my craft area. It was wonderful!
To Celebrate I scrapbooked! I got all the pictures I took at the Children's Museum in Houston done. I'm actually getting really close to getting all of my scrapbooks up to date. YAY! Even better then that though is Im actually getting projects crossed off my project list. I had a list of 25 and now Im down to 12. HOORAY! I always wish I could get the list completely gone... but really I have no idea what Id do with out some project and knowing me that will never happen since I always think of something to do!


Kim_Hawk said...

I love the fablehaven books! They're a great easy read!

Tim, Amanda, Jaxon & Owen said...

Im Hooked!

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